Welcome to Coconut College.  All those who have lived exciting lives - full of meaning, purpose, and adventure - have known the truths shared within Coconut College.  Some probably knew these truths intuitively, others may have learned them along the way, but ALL of them - whether they realized it or not - made life choices based on these core beliefs.

Founded in 2011, Coconut College is a mind-challenging and perspective-changing series of lessons and presentations done in a variety of formats - including full-day seminars.  These are NOT boringly, forgettable courses designed around podiums and PowerPoint presentations.  Nor are they a temporary high.  This is educational theater at it's best!  Coconut College is known for it's unique observations, memorable props, and a razor-sharp discernment of life.  It will challenge your long-held view of the world (a view you probably unknowingly inherited from someone else).  It will lighten your burden and put a smile on your face as you consider the possibilities inherent in a new understanding of REAL life success.  If building a "mansion of memories" is important to you and your family - Coconut College will be as valuable as a Harvard education!

Be sure to download the life-changing article "Making It" by Bruce Baldwin (below)!



Click the article below to download the PDF.  If you are asking, "Is this all there is?" - this article is for you!